Influencer Promotional Content

We work closely with influencers to generate promotional video content that matches their unique brand and audience needs. Inexora Media has produced content directly for influencers in a wide range of areas, including fashion & beauty, lifestyle & fitness, and creative industry.

Influencer Campaigns & Brand Sponsorship

When it comes to sponsorships and co-branded campaigns, it takes a highly-capable production company with experience in multi-client projects, in order to actualize a vision that works for both parties. Let our team of talented creatives craft a unique narrative that fits the needs of both brands.

Welcome to the Revolution

With the average American now spending over 5.6 hours each day on the Internet, brands are now facing more opportunities than ever to position themselves right in the forefront of their target audiences. However, in this new social media environment, doing so often proves far more difficult in practice, with users spread out amongst countless interest groups, platforms, and mediums. That is where “Influencer Marketing” comes into play. A way to reach potential customers directly at the peer-to-peer level, Influencer campaigns allow brands to connect with their audience like never before.

That is why Schlesinger Associates recently concluded that a whopping 84% of marketing and communications professionals had plans to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign within the next twelve months. Additionally, of those who had previously conducted an influencer marketing campaign, 81% found it to be effective in engaging their audiences. With video content currently constituting nearly 80% of all internet traffic, the verdict is clear: the revolution is here.

Consumer Brands
Grey Goose - Vashtie Kola
This campaign was designed for social media. An Instagram-based influencer co-promotion for Grey Goose on famed music video director & influencer, Vashtie Kola's official page, Inexora Media worked closely with both brands in our production of this commercial short. In order to balance the needs of the sponsor brand and featured influencer, we aimed to find a tone that felt organic, while still showcasing the product brand in a tasteful manner.
Beauty & Fashion
Pantene - GailG
When Pantene partnered with Long-Island based fashion influencer, GailG, to promote a line of their new hair products, we were tasked with actualizing their combined vision. We attempted to showcase the new line of products (from fortifying gels to creams and lotions), in a manner that reflected both the Pantene's brand and the unique tone of Gail G's personal brand (SimplyGailG). The result is a fun and upbeat video, demonstrating the new product line in a real, relatably-personal context.
Lifestyle & Fitness
Wioletta Fitness
In this promotional video for fitness influencer & online coach, Wioletta, we took to the streets to bring the workout beyond the confines of a gym's four walls. The Bushwick warehouse district location gave us a gritty and raw feel that matched the intensity and challenge of Wioletta's program, while also allowing us a unique, attention-grabbing background that would entice viewers. Our goal was to stand out, just like Wioletta's program itself, and with the help of a heavy-industrial bulldozer, we believe we accomplished just that.
Beauty & Fashion
Primark - Life with Libby
For New York Fashion Week 2018, we partnered with Primark USA and fashion brand influencer, Life with Libby, to showcase a group of influential fashion bloggers as they chose their outfits for fashion week. When producing this video, we aimed to strike a balance between the needs of each brand (both sponsor and influencer), leading us to a more natural, "behind the scenes" portrayal which felt as authentic as ordinary content, rather than an externally inserted promotion.
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